No voice, no problem


No voice, no problem

By Lisa Amador on Oct 02, 2019 at 04:42 PM in Matchmaking

Santa Barbara has a vibrant business community and last week Downtown Santa BarbaraThe Chamber of the Santa Barbara Region, Hospitality Santa Barbara, Goleta Valley Chamber and Visit Santa Barbara hosted their 3rd Annual ‘Mega Mixer’ at one of Santa Barbara’s newest and most innovative co-working spaces, Impact Hub Santa Barbara!

This event was definitely well organized with great food, drink, entertainment and a sold out crowd of Santa Barbara’s finest professionals.  This was an event not to be missed!

I’d been looking forward to this event for well over a month but wouldn’t you know it, come the big day, I had laryngitis.  That’s right; I couldn’t speak a word (which is VERY unusual for me).  I was so disappointed to miss this event, but wait, I had an IDEA and my friend Michael Kramer, Owner of Ameravant Web Design captured it on video…

I decided to come prepared with cue cards and I literally tapped people on the shoulder, waved hello, gave them my business card and started to flash my (no, not those) my cue cards that read:

  1. Sorry I can’t talk I have laryngitis 🙁
  2. Are you in a relationship?
  3. I would love to talk with you when I have a voice…Can I have your business card?

And to my amazement I started collecting business cards, fifteen to be exact!  Several of which could be potential matches for my clients and another one or two wanted to be clients!!  It was my most successful networking event yet, who knew not talking could be this much fun?

OK, one doesn’t go out flashing cue cards without a bit of friendly teasing.  Some of the funniest lines I heard that night were:

  1. Wow, you’re the perfect date, you look great, you keep smiling at me and you can’t answer back.
  2. I bet your husband is loving the silence 😉 (by the way, he hates it more than me).

So I learned something from attending the Mega Mixer that pertains to both life and dating.  Don’t stay home moping and missing out, show up!  If you just put in a little time to prepare, show up looking great and with an excellent attitude, interact and smile, you just may get results beyond what you expected.

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