Lisa Darsonval-Amador: Countdown to New Year’s — Find That Special Someone Before the Ball Drops


Lisa Darsonval-Amador: Countdown to New Year’s — Find That Special Someone Before the Ball Drops

By Lisa Amador on Dec 09, 2018 at 12:44 PM in Matchmaking
Lisa Darsonval-Amador: Countdown to New Year’s — Find That Special Someone Before the Ball Drops

The New Year is right around the corner and yes, there still is time to meet someone special before year’s end. Really, you can do it! Stop making excuses. It’s time to get focused, design yourself a plan of action and get going on it now, not next year but N-O-W!

Think about how awesome it will be to kiss your new sweetheart when the ball drops at midnight. Visualize it in your mind, the two of you together, chilling the champagne in anticipation of the first toast you’ll make as a couple in the New Year. The music playing softly in the background as the countdown begins 10-9-8… you’ll put your arms around her, 7-6-5… she’ll look up at you with a smile 4-3-2… you’ll pull her close, 1! You’ll say “Happy New Year Beautiful” and then give her a sweet kiss to start your year off right.

OK, so now that you’ve got your motivation, here are two “Get Out” tips to find him/her.

  1. Get the word out. Tell your friends, family and colleagues you are serious about finding your significant other and ask if they know anyone they feel might be a good match. Help them out by describing your 3-3-3 outline.
    1. 3 important things you’re looking for
    2. 3 things that just don’t work for you
    3. 3 reasons why someone would want to be in a relationship with you

First, get really clear on what your 3-3-3’s are because if you don’t even know, how can anybody suggest someone good for you? Don’t forget to follow up with your friends often. We’re all really busy and while you’re friends would love to see you happy, they may need a reminder every few days or so to reinforce how important this is to you. Of course if they tell you they don’t know anyone, be considerate and stop asking, you don’t want to loose a friend over it!

  1. Get yourself out. And if you already get out, go someplace new. This is the perfect time to attend all those holiday parties going on this month. Almost every business, club, organization, charity, school, restaurant, club, tasting room, bar, gym, church and temple is hosting some type of party or get together. There are numerous sources that list all upcoming events like newspapers, and Facebook to name a few or ask me, I’ll design your own personal calendar. Don’t forget to dress sharply and introduce yourself to someone who catches your eye. Start the conversation by saying hello and ask what they love most about the holiday season. If you can pull it off, ask which Santa’s list they’ll be on, ‘Naughty’ or ‘Nice’?

The clock is ticking; I know you can do this! That New Year’s kiss with someone special will make it all worthwhile.

You can do this!



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