How We Work: Matchmaker Dating Coach

How We Work

How Matchmaking Works

Hiring a matchmaker allows you to relax while someone else does the work. While you tend to the business of your busy life, we get to work carefully selecting, screening and interviewing your potential dates. In essence, we “date them first” to see if they are a good fit for you. We will not make an introduction until we feel we have a potential partner who embodies everything you are looking for. At Amador Matchmaking we believe that personal service, hard work and integrity are the keys to exceptional service. We are dedicated to doing what it takes to find your special someone – the love of your life.


Getting started

When we receive your inquiry about becoming a client, we will contact you to discuss our services, get to know a little bit about you and learn what your dating goals and expectations are. If we feel our mutual goals are aligned, we will schedule an in-person interview. If you join our database as a free member, we will contact you when we feel you may be a match for a client.

Getting Started Amador Matchmaking


Becoming a client

The initial interview usually lasts about ninety minutes. Once we’ve met in person and mutually agree to move forward, you will sign a client agreement based on the particular matchmaking package that best fits your needs.

Getting Started Amamdor Matchmaking


A. Becoming A Member

Our membership pool is made up of successful, attractive, commitment-minded singles who would like to be considered as matches for our clients. There is no charge to become a member. Although there is no guarantee that you will be matched with a client, we’ve seen SO many successful relationships that started with a single date. We will contact you when we have a client who we think is a perfect fit for you.

Become A Free Member Amador Matchmaking


Becoming a Client

The Client status is reserved for those truly committed to actively exploring the matchmaking adventure. If you are a person who prefers a dedicated, one-on-one partner for your relationship search, becoming a Client will be an invaluable investment in yourself and your happiness. 

You will receive priority consultations, dating advice and details about your potential matches from Lisa and her team for a full year. The truth is, the majority of VIP members find a successful match before their membership expires. Lisa will do everything possible to ensure you are one of those clients.

Become A Client Amador Matchmaking


Client Introductions

Now things get really exciting!

Once we’ve identified and screened a potential match, we will call you to discuss why we feel this is a good person for you to meet. If you wish to move forward with an introduction, we will arrange a date on your behalf.

Become A Client Amador Matchmaking



We ask our clients and their matches to give us feedback after each date. This enables us to better understand what you are looking for and to refine our search. This review also provides you with valuable insight that may help you to become more successful on future dates. This is a rare opportunity to learn how you are perceived on a date.

Feedback Amador Matchmaking